Can You Do Korean Barbecue Indoors with the Smokeless Charcoal Grill? — The Kitchen Gadget Test Show


Can You Do Korean Barbecue Indoors with the Smokeless Charcoal Grill? — The Kitchen Gadget Test Show

Welcome back to the test kitchen! On today’s episode, Esther is testing the Homping Smokeless…

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  1. Smoke detectors would be going full tilt in my house

  2. You forgot to add water in the collection tray.

  3. You didn't add water to the reservoir around the charcoal pit. That will reduce the amount of smoke a lot.

  4. It's so funny that Korean women emphasize vowels. My Ma is Korean btw.

  5. Too bad it’s not smokeless and you could go around and make friends with it. 😆

  6. i think you should put water on the vessel beside the charcoal. that makes the smoke disappear,, because of the steam. I think.

  7. Hell nahh lol,that's a pure charcoal grill,it's definitely a regular outdoor grill.I honestly appreciate the effort,I wouldn't eat kbbq on charcoal anyway.

  8. That's a NYC Post-Covid product !!!!!!!! The Indoors was moved Outdoors which is actually indoors so it should be good to go Outdor/Indoor – Smokeless – Kinda

  9. Looks like a $200.00 piece of crap.

  10. Also never use charcoal in the house…! house fires!

  11. Use the right charcoal

  12. Thanks for the great review. So many reviewer only show you the good side of products. Much appreciated!

  13. Thumbs up less than a minute in because Esther's beautiful and cute, and I love the way she talks about this. Hoping the grill will actually be decent too…….. It was a disappointment haha..

  14. This seems like a cheap copy of the German "LotusGrill" wich actually works awesome and not that more expensive

  15. You can't have a smokeless grill.

  16. Just build a house with smoke hoods in the dining room. Easy.

  17. Try putting some water in the metal circle below. It's the fat that makes smoke

  18. No suction, because the fan job is to keep suctioning fresh air from under and blow it to the charcoal, keep supply of cold oxygen rich air to provide high heat with little charcoal. Outer ring not burning because their is airflow on the outer ring. Just so you can say "It really not hot on the side of the grill". Please do some proper research prior, please. You don't want so much charcoal dust and avoid "so much work to remove then and place it back", use hardwood charcoal, not a charcoal briquette. Doubt if you even know a thing about grilling or barbeque honestly. It is a good product for small space. It just your review ruin it.

  19. She always seems like she's a bit pissed or impatient at doing these reviews

  20. I think it's a great product. Clever idea with the fan blowing air onto the charcoal. I agree its a little misleading about using it indoors and being smokeless. But take nothing away from this great product.

  21. She did not feel the water in the fat drip tray, she is mis using it

  22. U didnt put water around the charcoal..

  23. 1:52 fill with water in the plate surrounding charcoal. ^___^
    3:47 after than the oil will be easy to clean up~

  24. Where did it claim to be smokeless but you tested it as one. You need a new profession.

  25. It's not for indoors due to gases given off by the burning charcoal which is also consuming oxygen. Can be terribly dangerous

  26. 너무 예쁘다 🤪 so pretty.

  27. The best indoor grill setup for kbbq is setting a gas grill w/ kbbq plate right next to a window and having a box fan on the window sill ventilating all the smoke outside. Works extremely well. If you open up another window in the house it helps even more to ventilate the smoke

  28. This video is a bit dangerous, as it is promoting indoor charcoal BBQ'ing, which is not recommended due to the production of Carbon Monoxide and its dangerous build-up indoors. You say yourself that the instructions say "do not use indoors", the Amazon link you provide also has a question regarding indoor use, which is emphatically answered by the dealer "No". I do not get where you thought this was an indoor product, although it does look like one. Please add a caption disclaimer at start of video or on description acknowledging this risk.

  29. I believe water is supposed to go in the tray you referred to be used for the fat drippings, which will reduce the smoke.

  30. "Aone smokeless grill" !!

  31. I have one of these grills and am thrilled with the performance, efficiency, and easy cleanup. I’m from Texas and have had pretty much every kind of grill under the sun, but this one is so beautifully designed I’m planning on giving them as holiday gifts this year. The price point, which is obviously higher than a similar sized Weber grill, balances out pretty quickly because you’re not using a half of a bag of charcoal for each grilling session, in fact you literally only need to put in five charcoal briquettes for a cooking time of about an hour and a half. Overloading it with more charcoal actually reduces the amount of heat produced, because the physics of the fan and ventilation system requires space between each briquette for air flow. Don’t overload the charcoal, or it smothers!

    It does heat evenly once the grill is in place because that part that collects the oils under the latticed grill heats up as well. One of the reasons that the external surface of the unit is cool to the touch, cool enough to pick it up and carry it around at its highest setting, is that the heat is concentrated where it counts!

    Be patient and allow the unit to heat up with the fan on medium for about five to ten minutes. I use a little tiny bit of shredded paper between the briquettes as kindling just to make sure they all get ignited evenly, but stirring them around like you did in the video disrupts the work the fan is trying to do.

    It is a LOW smoke grill, but no charcoal grill is completely smokeless unless it has a massive ventilation system leading outside. You definitely should not use a Homping grill or any charcoal grill inside.

    Good luck in your quest!

  32. The most indoor this thing should go is perhaps the apartment balcony or at least right next to wide open patio doors. Carbon monoxide poisoning is no joke, it happens to be the no. 1 most popular method of suicide chosen by South East Asians youth. Most of the recent K-Pop suicides was done this way.

  33. Even if you find a smokeless charcoal grill that doesn't produce smoke, don't use it indoors. You can still die from carbon monoxide poisoning.

  34. The LOTUS grill is better ..
    Which I’ve used but still there is still smoke too .. so I have it outdoors

  35. "imma have a bite, but really doesn't matter…" Hate to see it 🙂

  36. I like seeing her with her hair down, it’s normally up.

  37. I use my electric breakfast grill from Walmart. its 20 dollars and works wonders

  38. Thank you! Saved me 200 bucks.

  39. It’s cool to be able to use it indoors but I don’t think it’s healthy to inhale the smoke coming from charcoal indoors and have it stay inside. Probably that’s why they say for outdoor use only.

  40. The fan isn't to reduce the smoke, it's to heat the charcoals and keep them burning since they are covered by the grill plate. It's only (mostly) smokeless if you fill the inside drip channel with water, to catch the oils. This catching the oils prevents most of the smoke.

  41. i'm so glad i still live in a house.. with a yard. dear lord. what would i do w/o a yard?!

  42. .. not sure if youve read the carbon monoxide hazard label on the charcoal bag..

  43. You just dont like it.. me too… looks cool tho lol

  44. She almost won a Darwin award.

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