Commitment for Weight Loss Sleep Hypnosis 8 Hours – Subliminal


Commitment for Weight Loss Sleep Hypnosis 8 Hours – Subliminal

Have you really made a firm commitment to weight loss? If you have, this powerful 8 hour sleep…

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  1. I am down from 168 to 151 since September. I continue to reinforce my commitment thanks to this recording.

  2. I don’t know about weight loss but these help me fall asleep and stay asleep the whole night

  3. 8 hours of sleep
    me:onily sleeps 2 to 3 hours a day and im lucky if i get 4 or 5
    me:➖👄➖ ahhh yes im skinny now
    edit:no joke my stomach actually got flatter

  4. Did anyone else have trouble falling asleep to this? I would fall asleep then he would say another number and I would be wide awake.

  5. Any hope of growing teeth at 67? 😉

  6. I have listened to this for 2 nights, today is 3rd night. I weigh 181.5 lbs or 82.5 kg….I will continue listening and share the results as and when I see differences…..thank you for sharing the video and thanks to all for the inspiration and genuine comments. ❤

  7. This is odd to ask but does anyone see images with their eyes closed during this?

  8. This is powerful! Thank you for these beautiful sessions. I’m on my third night and I feel more in control, less hungry, and most importantly empowered!

  9. I started listening to this on Monday and since then I’ve lost 7 pounds ✨

  10. This has actually worked for me so much. Thank you 🙏

  11. Thumbs down for the sounds that is very similar to a ringing phone in the distance

  12. About an hour and a half in, all I can hear is scratching, like someone is writing on paper with a coloured highlighter pen?

  13. this works so well omg, only listened for two nights but I’ve been able to easily do OMAD both days (eating a big beautiful salad each day with lots of goodness) and I’ve been SO dedicated to my fitness both days too. Like Ive always worked out, but since listening the lengths I’ve gone to just to seek movement and push myself for the enjoyment and fulfillment is crazy. I feel great. Thankyou

  14. I’m having a hard time with this is there one you would suggest. I have been listening for over a week and still want treats and chips and junk.

  15. I have been listening to this specific one for 2 weeks now. Before that I was listening to the other weight loss one with rain audio. For some reason I felt like my motivation was weaning and I have to workout more so I started listening to this one. OMG this works! You wouldn’t believe but last week was the most cardio I have ever done in my life. Suddenly my motivation is through the roof. I HATE cardio- not like “I hate cardio but I do it any way to stay in shape”.. I hate cardio like “I would rather lift weights for 2 hours rather than doing cardio for 20 min”.. but last week I did a total of 5-6 hours of cardio in addition to walking more everyday, taking more steps, healthy diet, and lifting heavy 3 time a week. I’m so pumped! This sub definitely strengthens your commitment to weight loss.I’m hooked

  16. when he says : go down into your feelings of comfort" me: laying side ways with my left leg on top of my right.

  17. Are these real comments how long before you see results

  18. Wish you could turn up the spoken words in the background. I have a feeling if I can’t even hear it when I’m awake, it’s ineffective while I’m sleeping.

  19. It 's all about the voice and you have a great voice, kind and confident. I happily trust you to lead the way into trance. I am suspicious of many, so do take this a s a genuine compliment. Thank you.

  20. Anyone else kept falling asleep then after a dream abruptly wake up, fall asleep dream, abruptly wake up again and repeat?

  21. Quick question: can I listen to this at night if my phone if plugged in on the other side of the bedroom? Since it can't be on airplane while playing I would prefer to not have it right next to my head overnight. And I'm assuming as long as I can hear the music faintly from across the room I'll still be able to register the subliminal messages? Thanks for your feedback and the work you do!

  22. "8 hours of sleep"
    me who sleep for less than 3 hours:

  23. I fell asleep like a baby and having an oil diffuser definitely helps as well.

  24. I like to listen to these but I'm curious about the dissonance in the keyboard melody. I find it a little jarring and wonder if there is a reason for it.

  25. I hope it makes me want to eat cooked greens. Lol

  26. Should you wear earphones in both ears? It's difficult to do sleeping on your side.

  27. A while ago I discovered the subliminals community but I didn't trust random subs makers. Then I found this channel and have been consistently listening to your tracks and I'm seeing progress, not just in weight but in my lifestyle and mindset too! Thank you so much for your work here, it really feels like I have a personal hypnotherapist now😊 I have a question though, when listening to 'sleep with rain sound weight loss subliminal' track or this one, do I have to turn the volume on high enough that I have to clearly hear the rain sounds for it to be effective? Or is it okay if the rain sound is barely heard?

  28. Is it odd I've been craving zucchini since I've been listening to these. I don't recall ever wanting zucchini before lol. Down 14lbs since I started doing this every night. Thank you 😊

  29. Listening to this has helped me keep to my commitment to exercise daily! I did not miss a single day this Sep 2020. Next target is to eat healthier foods! Will report back in another month. I purchased the track so I don't have to open Youtube every night and also to show my appreciation for Peter. Thank you!

  30. Can I listen this without earphones?

  31. Are there any with rain sounds and zero talking?

  32. Peter, I am very interested in the Weight Loss Bundle, but I’m not familiar with how the MP3s would be available on my iPhone. Do I access them through Apple Music?

  33. Thank you all for the positive comments. Since the quarantine and my now working from home; it's been hard for me to get back to my fitness regimes and better eating habits. Reading your comments and discovering this site has put much hope back into my heart. I know that I can do this again and stay focused. You are my new favorite hypnotist, Peter. Thank you.

  34. I peed so much last night listening 🎧 o this I couldn't stay in the bed. But when I woke up I couldn't turn it off. It's so comforting 🤩💟💕❤️🤩💗💓.

  35. Actually idk why but I have tried it two times now but I get panick attacks, feel my body heavier and very uncomfortable.😅 Maybe it's not really for me

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