Day in The Life of a Dog Walker


Day in The Life of a Dog Walker

Spend a Day in the Life of an NYC Dog Walker with Petaholics.
Get a feel what the job would be…


  1. Happy Dog Walker Appreciation Day. I walk my own dog though because I need the exercise

  2. starting my job as dog walker for Peta

  3. Ugh he's so cute can I take him home? I'll take the dog too lol

  4. I work for WAG! and just made a video about my experience working with them! Check it out if you want! Love you video 🙂

  5. Absolutely lovely!… truly a joy to watch!!! !! Well, I have also found a very impressive dog walking and pet sitting related video "Is Your Dog An Ambassador For You?" by #YourPetBusinessNow channel. If you have time then you should visit the same channel for dog walking and pet sitting business tips & more related videos regarding operating, grooming, training your pet. Enjoy the videos…Cheers!!

  6. well I'm 12and a local dog walker and I make $14,000 a year that's enough for me!

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