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ONLY $9.99/month + 6 months FREE!!

The Monitoring Center provides 24/7 alarm monitoring from our state-of-the-art ULC Listed, CSAA 5 Diamond Rated alarm monitoring facility. Home or Business alarm monitoring has never been so affordable. Once you have taken the time to Shop & Compare alarm monitoring rates to our $9.99/month rate ... The Choice is Clear!!

Save hundreds of dollars every single year when you switch over to The Monitoring Center.

The average cost of monitoring at $27.99/month

Call us today and start SAVING on your alarm monitoring!!

1-866-24-7-4999 x4

Please stop paying $30.00 or more for your home/business security monitoring. One of our Customer Sales Associates will be happy to assist you in making the switch and welcoming you onboard the $9.99 experience!!

The Booking Process

Once we have determined the information below we will schedule a date and time for one of our expert alarm technicians to attend your home or business to perform the actual takeover making certain you are never left without monitoring. Call today 1-866-24-7-4999 Ext 4 to schedule your switchover today!!

Check your Current Contract

It is important to ensure you have ownership of your existing equipment and to check your cancellation procedure with your current provider. We will schedule a date and time for one of our expert alarm technicians to perform the alarm monitoring conversion when it is most convenient for you. This appointment takes place a few days prior to your end date with your current provider to ensure that your home is ALWAYS monitored.

Please note that if you are currently paying your monitoring fees every 30 days and you have been with your current provider for more than 3 years, it is likely you have full ownership of your alarm equipment.

Verify the Make/Model of your existing alarm system

Determine the make/model of your existing alarm panel in order to verify compatibility. Typically the manufacturer's name will be located on the keypad. You can also browse our Keypads area for help... or you can also email a picture of our keypad to so that we can assist you in determining the make/model of your existing alarm system.

Know your current Alarm Communication provider

It is also important to know how your alarm system is communicating with your current provider. Whether you are currently connected by way of landline, VoIP line or GSM cell-back up...The Monitoring Center can assist you. Once you are equipped with this information we can also discuss alternative options of communication if you so desire.

Our alarm monitoring rate of $9.99/month is collected automatically once per year through your Bank, VISA, MasterCard or AMEX.

The first year we will award you 6 months FREE alarm monitoring...this means you will pay for 12 months but receive 18 months and your monitoring renewal date will occur 18 months later.

There is a one-time set-up fee of $99.00 ... this covers the cost of our technicians visit listed for you below...

Our One-Time set-up Fee includes

  • Full diagnostic test of your alarm system by one of our expert technicians
  • Copy of the user's manual for your alarm system
  • Insurance certificate to assist you in receiving a 15% to 30% discount on your premiums
  • Identification cards for all individuals on your emergency contact list
  • Full demonstration of arming/disarming and troubleshooting your alarm system
  • Security decals applied
  • Lawn signs

Minor adjustments/repairs as required

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