IMATS Toronto ~ Fun and shopping!


IMATS Toronto ~ Fun and shopping!

As you all know I went to IMATS on Saturday and did quite a bit of shopping. While I was there…


  1. @MsLisaBot MUFE doesnt test on animals, it says on their website

  2. Make Up Forever doesn't test on animals

  3. See you in November. 🙂 I will be there for the whole weekend too. Thanks for the great footage. Now I have an idea of what to expect. 🙂

  4. OMG!!! That is toooo hilarious! I would have probably wet myself and been like ummm this is definitely not make up haha. Too funny.

  5. i know! i wanted to go so badly it would be nice to meet u!

  6. awesome coverage luv! sorry about the sex show ordeal LOL I did the same thing. argh

  7. OMG. I was at IMATS on Sunday and it took me forever to find it. All I could find was the sex show!!! My daughter and I kept walking around laughing at all the strange looks we were getting

  8. 5 stars for getting kicked out of the sex show! :0
    lol! 🙂

  9. Too bad I didn't see you there. I totally heard about the sex show by some of my subbies that I met there. That was hilarious because you could totally see to the other side through the bathroom.

  10. You should have went to the everything to do with sex show and filmed it. lol That would have been way cooler than makeup. 🙂

  11. lol, I made sure that I went into the right building because I knew about the sex show!

    Did you go on Sunday? I was there on Saturday!

  12. LOL win. looked awesome! i wish i could have gone to the IMATS

  13. that's too funny! <3

  14. im happy u had a good time

  15. wow i wish i could have gone

  16. You look SO BEAUTIFUL by the way! 🙂 Your beautiful eyes really pop!

  17. Wow how cool is that! 🙂

  18. I didn't know either..! was so surprised..but there are many that do…The HD powder is only Silica spheres powder…u can get that for really cheap…compared to the price mufe is…I bought mine for 1$…..

  19. Mufe tests on animals too..!? dayam…sucky….
    Did u end up getting any yabi…is it cheaper there…wondering if u save there on it….:)..
    Next year…man that's a while away…:(…Why don't they have one in Ottawa…wut up with that..??

    Really happy u had fun.!~:D…and that would have been me too..that walked into the sex show…with my luck… if they have that right next

  20. What fun!! 😉 Haha I can't believe they were having a sex show & IMATS at the same time! Too funny!

  21. All those big names and YT friends I bet you had a heck of a good time, I bet you were the prettiest YT babe there. Hey did you buy the kid lunch? think ahead for next year…LOL…Mom's Love and Care is Priceless I'm sure he knows it.

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