Mindful Diet – 8 Hour Sleep Hypnosis – Weight Loss (Subliminal)


Mindful Diet – 8 Hour Sleep Hypnosis – Weight Loss (Subliminal)

Listen to this 8 hour MINDFUL DIET weight loss sleep hypnosis track NIGHTLY to help you eat a…

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  1. This is the end of my first week. I am allowing a day to just do meditation and the affirmation video. This week on days 2-5 I walked 3000+ steps everyday. I have not eaten bread or taken a nap in three days. I will not check scale until end of two weeks. This hypnosis is teaching me so much about myself, most of all that I am ok, safe, and deserve a better me. Thanks so much for these videos. I use them every night, and during the day if I stress. They really really work. 💜✌ I love these videos. The inner peace is mind blowing.

  2. John 4:23-24
    But the hour is coming, and is now here, when the true worshippers will worship the Father in spirit and truth, for the Father is seeking such people to worship Him. God is spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth.

  3. If I'm vegetarian than this suggestion will help me.

  4. My body’s changing already in just 1 night

  5. Thank yoooouuu !! can I listen to this without headphones ?

  6. Helps me eat lean and healthy too I do not crave anymore junk foods.

  7. Does this actually work? It kinda threw me off when right before the video it sad that this was for educational and entertainment purposes only….,?

  8. I listen to that and fall asleep within the first 15 minutes…. Am i supposed to be loosing weight????

  9. Listening to this every night does help me sleep. I do notice that I’m not wanting to eat the junk I used to eat. I’m a truck driver and when I stop at truck stops I don’t eat anything unhealthy. I will continue to post my progress. It’s been two weeks.

  10. would watching a film while the silent part is playing affect the results for sny of these videos?

  11. all this caused was me to have chst paim, load of crap

  12. This gave me nightmares.

  13. I have a fast metabolism! I am thin! I have a tiny waist! My skin is tight and firm! I have reached my goal weight! I love myself! I love my body!

  14. Thank you so much for making this available for free! Having access to this wonderful video will change people’s lives. I’ve been considering surgery I’m so lost and my weight is so out of control. I’ll comment again in a month and let you know how I’m doing xxxx

  15. Been listening every night for almost 2 weeks, currently only eat the suggested 1400 calories for myself each day now, low fat and low carbs! No exercise yet but sleeping better and eating better is the first step!

  16. Day 3 and I'm noticing for the first time in a long time that I'm actually aware when I feel full and not eating beyond that. That's huge for me!
    Wondering is it ok to switch between the different sounds ? I started on the rain sound but then did this sound last night? I'm hoping being that they are by the same creator and appear to be the same content just different overlay sound it should be fine? I struggle to sleep with the same sound every night.

  17. Bless me with weight loss and healthy diet❤️ Gratitude 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻☀️

  18. Started last night… detoxing today (no food) and I feel great. Listening now during my normal lunch break hour.

  19. I wished you have these in Spotify!!😭😭🤧💚

  20. I’ve been listening for a couple nights now. It has definitely helped. Although I find myself turning it off in my sleep after a couple hours. I will wake up and turn it back on. When I wake I feel like I haven’t slept but feel refreshed. My smart watch says last night I slept 8.5 hours. REM is only 5 minutes, Deep sleep is 2 hours 5 min, awake 10 minutes, light sleep 7:18. Normally I get more deep and REM.

  21. Thank you for this track! It helped me fall asleep quicker but for some reason I woke up earlier as usual for me (I always need 8 h min),around the 7 h mark. I could only listen to music but I don't know if this intended or my body feels it has rested enough? Should I try a lower volume to avoid waking up until the end even if I can't hear properly the meditation at the beginning?
    This happened to me with another 8-h track too…

  22. I’ve been listening to your videos and I’ve gotten my cravings under control
    I’m very overweight and snack a lot and I don’t snack at all and only eat 3 times a day now

  23. Just a heads up: this particular video gives me nightmares when I put it on as I sleep. The other videos don't affect me this way. Not sure why or what causes it.

  24. This hasn't helped. I've found myself eating more and more and less healthy.

  25. Does this work for insomnia as well?

  26. Well maybe you should check out my phone and he's always been healthy for me since he was so close with me and my phone you put me to sleep with your voice change butterfly's mind games like this because you know that you have no idea what your talking about here because you are doing something wrong with me or something like that is true or not sure what you want me to say anything to you both in my opinion and your best advice is to be honest with me because you are a little bit shy about me and my family is so good at being so much fun when you get home from work hahaha goofball you

  27. I’ve only just found this and loving it. I have slept the whole night through every night since I began using this so things can only get better from here. I need to eliminate a lot of poundage/baggage and by sleeping the night through I’ve got a great beginning going on. Thank you BlueSky

  28. Does anyone know how to avoid being anxious during hypnosis? I keep trying these and end up forcing my eyes open because I notice they feel glued shut. I am super new with these things

  29. This video has helped me lose 10 kg ! I swear to god everyone who reads this, just try to listen to this video every night and you will literally wake up lighter . Good luck everyone, I love you all 🙂

  30. Your videos have really helped me. I listen to them if not every morning, every other morning. I dont crave junk food anymore and if I do have something junky, it just doesn't feel right anymore. My portions have gotten smaller, I don't snack in between meals and I've been exercising more. I feel a lot more motivated to reach the goal I have. Thank you!

  31. There was a McRib ad on before the video😑 L😂

  32. I'm not sure about this one because for the last week I've been listening to it and i keep having messed up dreams and i feel so exhausted the next day. I tried to give it some time but for some reason this one does not work for me.

  33. I kept jumping due to the change in volume as he said 5 and 3. The gaps between talking was hard for me too.

  34. Weight loss 25 minutes audible and the sleep sound/ music/background noise is perfect for weight loss

  35. Would you be open to making shorter subliminals? Like 30 minutes to just a few hours?

  36. How quiet can I have this? I sometimes wake up hearing the whispers, but have really felt the benefit of having it play while I’m sleeping. I just didn’t know how soft I could play it while still receiving the message.

  37. This is what I’ve been looking for!! Thank you!!

  38. Why is there whispering in the background 😭😭😭

  39. Hi BSH…
    Have you any vids specifically if you dont like your self, have respect, self worth, & esteem. I am very blocked. My mother didnt like me as a child and is border AS burgers and my dad was a sociopath…There was no love & kindness in my childhood…my parents did not show love. So now I only define myself through failure..Iam a very intense person & my body carries alot of pain. How do I know if its past life issues or poor character? Should I find a Kinesiologists…I have seen a quality Hypnotherapist 3 times but my unconscious seems to be a very powerful barrier!

  40. Hi SLW…Im very inspired…by your effort with Bluesky help..Iv looked at many…but BSH voice, tempo and intention to each word & pronunciation just perfect, the music and sounds are just right & an addition ….! THANK U thank u BOTH …

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