Tips For First Time Dog Owners |Life With Aspen|


Tips For First Time Dog Owners |Life With Aspen|

For all those that have decided to share their life with a dog for the first time.


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  1. our family just got our first family dog from a rescue center. glad i found this video 🙂

  2. But how about now that theres a corona virus, I cant go outside to walk them and expose them to outdoor activities… is there anything else to solve this? Im worried about that.

  3. Can you make a video about to calm a young dog

  4. GREAT VIDEO!! Be confident about yourself you got it!!!😉😉

  5. My dog don't need no blanket

  6. Thanks for the pointers, I kind of fell in love with Aussies but don’t have one yet. My kids and I want a dog but how do I convince the wife? LOL.

  7. I want to get a puppy or at least a young dog but I have dealt with dogs (that my grandmother adopted) that ended up unfortunately dying from health issues and once, a tumor.Im trying not to think about them in order for me to feel guilty for me to adopt another but I really want one.I take care of my grandmother's 3 dogs.

  8. I’m getting a dog that’s 3 years old. I wish you wrote puppy instead of dog in the title

  9. Thank you 🙏🏽!!!!

  10. 0:42
    We have the same blanket

  11. I am scared that mine will fight with my neighbours gsd (german shepherd )!!!!

  12. Ugh I really want a dog.. like I’m 14 years old and I’ve wanted one ever since I was 10… my parents always say “when it dies how are we gonna be” and stuff like “listen you won’t clean up the poop you will ask us to” and also mum is concerned about the garden…. ugh I want a dog..

  13. dont get a dog from a breeder.

  14. My tip for first time Dog Owners: Spare a though for your neighbors and the wider community and don't be a dumbass by allowing your dog to bark day and night. Most dog owners I encounter are assholes or dumbasses, so let's not create more of them.

  15. I’m getting a dog, after so many years of begging and begging, my mom finally caved in when we met a puppy at a dog adoption meet up. We were just going to hang out with the dogs, but hey, at the end, we ended up signing the application. This is going to be really helpful, thank you!

  16. I assume that you suggest locking your new puppy in another room, they don't cry if they will be sleeping with you. Not good not good at all. My 17 year old dog died a few weeks ago and it has gutted me. We were never separated but every time we came across a little dog like him he would cry his little heart out and I believe he missed his siblings. There were eight of them and I believe that we take our puppies away from their families too early, I really do. My little dog slept with me from day 1, problem solved. I now have a rescued Jack Russell she is a lovely dog and she sleeps with me too.

  17. That helped a lot.

  18. I lost my puppy to some brain neural sickness (I don't know the name, It was ages ago) because I was a fucking idiot. It was soooo coooool to walk it before the rounds of vaccinations…But how could I know? I was very young and no-one told me this…All I know is I won't ever want to go through that again..

  19. I simply can't watch to any video that uses this background song anymore.

  20. you didn’t put on the thumbnail or the title that this was a puppy video. i’ve been searching everywhere for a video for a dog not a puppy. i liked the video but you should probably explain better. i’m sorry

  21. How can I find out the breed that my dog is… :/

  22. Thx I’m going to get a puppy in one month and 26 more days

  23. We will be bringing home our Aussie puppy in the dead of winter in Iowa…brrrrr! What are some good ways to keep them stimulated in our apartment? Do these dogs enjoy the snow/cold?

  24. Was that satanic ritual in the beginning

  25. Can you help with a stray dog that i rescued. ? My name is steve

  26. My new aussie pup looks just like aspen ❤️❤️❤️

  27. Very informative , I’m a new dog owner and I didn’t know any of this .

  28. Thank you for this. I've been volunteering at an animal for 3 years but I'm still learning everytime I go. I'm heavily looking into getting a dog this year and I've researching like crazy for what I should and shout not get or do.

  29. Where is the dog ? 🐕

  30. My mom is thinking about adopting a puppy for my baby brother but also for the family. These tips will really help us out

  31. I'm scared to get a new puppy because I have never adopted one I'm afraid not to make it happy!
    I adopted punch of cats I know how to treat them but dogs!! ugh I'm watching a lot of videos to be confident how to treat them right

  32. I got a new puppy today, thank you so much it's really help me! 😁

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