Vehicle Safety Systems Fail, Propane Shortage, RVLove Sets RV on Fire, U.S. Opens to Canada, & M…


Vehicle Safety Systems Fail, Propane Shortage, RVLove Sets RV on Fire, U.S. Opens to Canada, & M…

It’s time for this week’s RV and Camping News from RV Miles. The weekly video where we discuss…

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  1. We get 2 different monthly neighborhood news papers, both have crime reports in them, so many thefts of catalytic converters in all areas, I wonder why theft devices don't go off and alert people.

  2. There are guards that can be bought or made for catalytic converters. Typically a set of welded stailess rods or a "skid plate" welded over the converter, so it can't just be cut out quickly with a Skilsaw.

  3. Packed parks plus expensive vehicle fuel and propane. Time to put the camper on the market, take advantage of the high RV prices and wait a couple of years for things to settle down.

  4. AAA needs to improve their answering the emergency road service lines. Waited 10 hours on hold during one scary night. 52 years with them. This my last!

  5. Jason thanks for the latest update. Boy the new car safety driving systems don’t seem to be very good?

  6. As always another great segment. Interesting to learn of the propane shortage! Another benefits of electric RVs / lithium batteries and solar options? And thanks for the sharing our RV fire video – we hope everyone watches it to learn as much as we did working with those fire professionals and seeing what really happens in an RV fire. It was an eye opening experience!

  7. Jason thank you for the news and information. Sad that there will be a shortage of propane. We go from shortage or parts all over to now propane. Plus food shortages. It’s crazy! Thank you again for this news. Oh love the bloopers at the end there. They were funny. Hope you have a great day and see you soon!

  8. No vaccines for me ever

  9. So how did you contain yourself and not run to get an ice cream?! I heard the truck during water from air segment. Another great info video Jason, thanks a bunch!

  10. As always THANK YOU!!

  11. Great video. We saw the RV Love fire RV. It's scary. Always lots of information.

  12. Great segment again Jason! I have a couple of pondering thoughts about the AirGen…any ideas as to cost? And given that it’s specifically designed for moving vehicles/rolling homes, have you heard what the warranty covers regarding the indoor portion where water is stored/dispensed? Thank you for all of your efforts to vanquish verbal vulnerabilities 😜…Bruce

  13. Sounds like you're tlypiclally, typlicalally vunlerble . . . uh . . vulnerbally susceptible to mic fright! ANYWAY, another great video! Thanks!

  14. I watched this video yesterday morning, leaving for ohio Thursday to pick up my new motorhome after almost 8 months of waiting, and I get a call from the dealer about two hours later saying that my motorhome delivery may be delayed as some one has cut off and stolen the catalytic converter off of mine and several other RV’s on the lot… this really upsets me, the thief’s are horrible, but it’s the people buying these stolen devices that really need to be held accountable! Sorry need to vent. But could not believe the timing of this video.

  15. Covid-vaccine is an obstruction of covid virus to create new variant, it only able to hide the symptoms after get infected, at the same time to enhance your immunity system to against the virus temporarily like Morphine-Sulfate.
    Covid|9 is accumulative and permanently stay at human body's T-Cell then cause it malfunction to replicate, destroy and spread even you have fully recovered from Covid infection or fully vaccinated. Peoples will die in covid one day when the immunity system become weak.

  16. Ever tour an RV graveyard looking for parts? You’ll be distracted by the number of units ruined by fire. You can see a trend immediately, most fires start at the refrigerator. For me, that is a selling point to get a residential or 12v refrigerator.

  17. I am vaxed and hate the communist vax mandates, it has nothing to do with science as they do not first test for natural immunity

  18. “Incoming travel restrictions?” Nope. 250,000 people per month have been incoming.
    “Proof of vaccination?” Nope. No vaccinations required if you walk across the Rio Grande.
    Not being critical of your presentation, just critical of people who ignore our laws.

  19. You guys are quickly becoming my favorites! OMG there went my 71 brave, 21 for a buck! At least I know what it was worth! ThomyT

  20. I have been RV'ing since the mid 70's. Our first 3 tow behind RV fridges were powered 3 ways, Propane, 110 VAC, and 12 volt DC. The 12VDC option was primarily intended for the travel time with the engine running. Trust me, you did not want to run the fridge in a stand alone mode hooked up to the tow rig without the engine running. We did that once, and were delayed getting out of a camp site for about 3 hours while we ran our battery charger off of our generator to charge the tow rig batteries. We charged up the coach batteries on the road to our next stop. But having the 12 volt option was great on the road, because the insulation on the RV fridges was very poor and if you ran a 10 hour travel day, there was a surety the the ice Cream was melted, along with all the frozen food. And we had the safety of NOT using the propane while traveling. Thankfully the RV fridges of today are far better insulated, and can survive fairly long periods without power.

  21. When not traveling in our class B, we have a Tesla Model Y. I can attest that in bad weather the driver assist systems properly inform you that the conditions limit use. Example: in heavy rain, the "navigate on autopilot" system, which will drive highways, change lanes to pass slow-moving vehicles, take exit ramps and merge onto highways will disable itself. The car will still lane-keep in those conditions, but not the other functions. And driving in heavy snow, the car disabled lane keeping and cruise control. Its adaptive cruise control needs to be able to monitor distances to the vehicles ahead. When the car isn't able to see well enough, it locks out lane keeping (called autopilot) and cruise control. Other manufacturers' systems may not be as adept. The Tesla systems are quite good overall, and are worthwhile.

  22. Cold fall? This October's been the warmest in history for us.

  23. Excellent, very informative. News we actually need

  24. My catalytic converter was stolen from the storage lot. I asked the tech who replaced it about how to keep the new one safe, and he said that the thieves don't want the replacement units, only the original ones.

  25. No way you will the burning that old mobile home in California.. you'll be landing in jail

  26. Thanks for the great information👍👍👍👍, also the bloopers at the end. We all need to 🤣🤣. Keep’m coming

  27. Feels like a collapse is coming, I guess allowing a stolen election to stand wasn't the best idea.

  28. Thanks for another great and informative video…and just and add on the catalytic converters…they have no serial numbers or other identifying numbers, so when the crook is stopped and multiple converters are found, there is really NO WAY to prove they are stolen and they always say they purchased them and are taking them to be recycled.

  29. Good talking and Showing the home Burn . It will remind folks in my family the older votes would turn off eclectic. They had lived from 1980. .. when I was little they had a AIRSTEAM LARGE SIZE WITH ROOF OVER AND EXTRA ROOMS . I do that know with hot water tank Save’s a lot on power $$$$ . There should be a code that state AC & Hotwater can not be in same closet. See what you can shut off when you leave say for the Day ? How much would that save.? 5* video. How much questament would that cost that day if your Home Burns Down

  30. That Watergen device looks pretty cool. Thanks for your videos.

  31. Just a point of fact from former librarian and copy editor: net-zero emissions are not the same as zero emissions. Otherwise, another flawless and informative report! Thank you!

  32. Another terrifically informative and engaging segment Jason! (the outtakes at the end were great! It takes self confidence to show one’s vulnerabilities 😂 )
    Safe travels you all!

  33. That water from air looks interesting

  34. Soooo you need to pay attention when your driving especially in weather. Huh who woulda thought? What a novel idea 💡

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